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The Importance of Winter Lawn Maintenance in Irving, TX

Lawn maintenance is often a thought that comes to most Irving, TX homeowner’s minds only in the spring and summer when the flowers are in bloom, the grass needs to be mowed frequently, and there is new growth to be seen. What most homeowners do not think about it why winter lawn maintenance in Irving, TX is just as important as lawn maintenance during warm weather. Winter lawn maintenance in Irving, TX plays an important role in keeping your lawn looking its best. That is why it always a good idea to hire a professional lawn company to look after your lawn in the winter months. They can help to insure your lawn is as good as new once spring arrives. Read the following tips on how a company like Superior Service Pros can maintain your lawn even during the harsh winter.

Raking Leaves

Raking leaves is one of the most common winter lawn maintenance tasks. With fall and cooler weather, the trees begin to shed their leaves and they can cover your yard with their bright colors. However pretty the colorful leaves might be, they are not health for your lawn. It is important to keep them off your lawn as often as you can. This is because when the leaves are covering your lawn, they are preventing the sunshine from reaching your grass, which makes it difficult for the grass to grow. Having the leaves raked and removed every few days saves your lawn from getting any extra sunlight in before winter.Winter Lawn Maintenance Irving, TX

Maintaining Shrubs and Trees

Winter can wreak havoc on your shrubs, plants, and trees so it is important to take good care of them during the harsh winter months. Winter is also an ideal time to do any trimming on any of your shrubs and plants, as their growth is dormant during this time. Knowledgeable professionals can properly inspect, trim, and cut back any wanted branches and elements and leave your shrubbery looking its best. Winter is also a good time to have your trees inspected for their health and removed if necessary. Falling branches are a common cause for damage during winter storms, so it is important to take care of any dead limbs or unhealthy trees beforehand.

Miscellaneous Tips

There are many other small tasks you can have a professional do for you during your winter lawn maintenance in Irving, TX. Superior Service Pros can provide safe products for your plants and other greenery to protect them from the harsh winter that is ahead, and insure they come out on the other side just as healthy as they started out. Your lawn care team can also give you advice to help you prepare your tools and lawn equipment for the winter as well. Some examples of this can be to empty the gas tanks from your lawn care equipment, use oil and other ointments on your gardening and lawn care tools, etc.

If you need some help and direction for your lawn maintenance this winter, and you live in the Irving, TX area, contact Superior Service Pros and see what they can do for you!

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