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When is Fertilizer Application Needed for Your Garden?

The phenomenon of healthy plants can only be true if the soil on which they grow is healthy in the first place. It therefore follows naturally that the trick lies in ensuring good health of the soil. The fertilizer application remedies the chemical imbalance in the soil in respect to the plants that the soil is intended to support. Fertilizer application is quite necessary, but it should not be a random act. Before contracting a fertilization service in Irving, TX, it is important to observe the weather and some other telltale signs. The signs will point you in the right direction. So, when do you know that your garden needs a fertilizer application:

  • Spring Fertilizer Application The shoots of your plants should be working towards greening-up. Growth should be visible and your plants should look stronger. Use slow release nitrogen fertilizer, after a second mowing of your turf. The reason here is that the presence of winter weeds is likely to sap the applied fertilizer instead of the intended turf. Making the fertilizer application after the second mowing allows the turf to benefit more from fertilizer application.
  • Summer Fertilizer Application Warmer temperatures characterize summer. Heat and drought at this time puts the trees, shrubs, and grass in your garden under stress. Summer fertilizer application is intended to help the plants with root development in anticipation of a dearth.
  • Fall Fertilizer Application or ‘Winterizer’ This period refers to the period October-November, the period of constant rainfall. There are a number of gains to be made because of fall fertilization. This period is marked by rapid growth on account of encouraging weather conditions. Experts recommend that you use slow-release nitrogen fertilizer for obvious reasons. A fungal disease like Brown Patch can be prevented by fall fertilizer application. St. Augustine grass is particularly vulnerable to Brown Patch. Always make sure to read the labels on the products. The fertilizer must be marked properly.

Reliable Fertilization Service Irving, TXThe most commonly used fertilizers are those that are rich in nitrogen and potassium. Nitrogen fertilizers occur in two categories.

  • Fast release nitrogen fertilizers: ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, urea, and others.
  • Slow-release nitrogen fertilizers: manure, IBDU, sulfur-coated urea, and others.

It is important for you to read the information on the package to know the type of nitrogen fertilizer you are using on your garden. It is also vital to understand the requirements and behavior of the different types of plants; including trees, shrubs, and grass.

Just imagine what a good diet does to the human body. It gives the body the required nutrients thus enabling it to perform its functions correctly. On its part, fertilizer application does the same thing to plants. It is very challenging for plants to cope up with stressful climates, but this can be eased if proper fertilizer application schedule is followed. Some experts have recommended fertilizer application in the intervals of two months from the end of spring to the beginning of fall. Opt for a fertilization service in Irving, TX that understand the kind of plants you have, the best fertilization methods, and the most reliable fertilizer products.

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