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Winter Rye Service in Irving, TX 

Why Choose Superior Service Pros’ Winter Rye Services?

Winter rye is a dependable cover crop that lets you have a good soil structure. Winter rye service in Irving, TX is a great way to rejuvenate your lawn as it quickly yields ground cover.

If you have Bermuda, St. Augustine or Zoysia grass for most of the year, you very well know that they become dormant during the winter months. The differences in the season’s temperature means that you have to plant winter rye during the cold months if you want to have a green grass all year round.

Winter rye grows quickly during fall season and usually starts in October. Generally they are ready to be planted when the temperature drops to about 60°F.

How to Grow Winter Rye

Winter rye has an abundant root system which makes them tolerant to most soil types. They can be planted on loamy soils but would also thrive on heavy clays or sandy soils. Rye also thrives in low fertility soils. However, enormous rainfall can subdue the following vegetative growth.

Winter rye service in Irving, TX is best achieved when the perennial lawn has started to go dormant. This is to make sure that the ryegrass will not compete with soil nutrients, thriving space, and sunlight.

Over seeding winter rye grass will require scalping and trimming the lawn to its lowest frame and also the restraint of watering the grass prior to planting the rye grass. Ryegrass can be planted using a spreader and is dependent upon the size of your lawn. We normally use push spreaders if you have a big lawn or we can use hand spreaders if you have a typical small sized lawn. To achieve the best result, watering the ryegrass the same day it was planted, and giving it ample amounts of water will make your lawn green during the cold months.

Typically, winter rye service in Irving, TX is offered for limited periods of time as rye cover ends its growing season about May. During this time, rye cover crop becomes dormant when the temperature gets to around 98°F. This is also the time when the permanent and summer grass starts budding.

Benefits of Winter Rye Cover Crop

Winter rye cover crop has some additional benefits aside from getting a green lawn all year long. They also provide:

Erosion Control

Winter rye grass gives a faster ground cover after summer grass becomes dormant and is a good way to prevent soil erosion on some parts of your lawn.

Soil Enhancement

Aside from providing much needed fertility in the soil, ryegrass creates biomass that raises organic matter in the soil. This is essentially needed for soil fertility and is needed when the summer grass starts to arrive.

Weed Elimination

Annual winter rye cover helps decrease the formation of weeds during the winter months.

Increased Water Penetration

Ryegrass has a deep root system which develops water infiltration in the soil. It provides pathways for water to penetrate the soil faster and easily.

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