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Sod Installation Service in Irving, TX 

Why Choose Superior Service Pros for Sod Installation?

It is common knowledge that a well-kept lawn is important in maintaining and increasing the value of a property. Especially for an area like Irving, Texas, curb appeal can make or break a house. For many homeowners, improving their yard means installing an expensive addition to the home like a pool or a massive front porch. While these home improvements do increase the market value of a house, they can be costly and bothersome. Unbeknownst to many, a sod install can be a relatively cheap addition to a property to make it more attractive and more valuable.

Grass can transform a rundown yard into a lush and verdant garden. It makes an area look less barren and livelier. However, installing grass can be a bit of an undertaking. At present, there are two grass installation options available – sod or seed. Arguably, sod installation service in Irving, TX area is more recommended.

Advantages of Using Sod

With sod, it is easier to decide when the installation process would take place. Using sod is more convenient and would save a lot of time. While the upfront payment for using sod is more expensive, it needs less water to keep it alive and verdant. 

For people looking to sell their homes on a deadline, installing sod is the quickest way to make your lawn more presentable to potential buyers. It is also recommended for lawn installation on new construction properties.

Sod can help mend soil erosion instantaneously. Due to its already deep root system, sod can penetrate the soil faster, allowing the roots to be fully grounded. By establishing the deep root system into the soil, further erosion can be stopped while giving the soil a chance to rejuvenate.

Grass seeds thrive better in cool areas. For a relatively warm place like Irving, grass installation through seeding might not be the best idea. Unlike seeding, sod is already matured grass. There is no need to worry about whether or not the hot weather would kill its chances of growing.

The aesthetic appeal of your yard is as important as how beautiful your home is. With that said, it is best to leave the lawn work to the professionals. If you are interested in sod installation service in Irving, TX, contact Superior Service Pros and get the lush green grass of your dreams.

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