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For a lush and healthy lawn, professionals choose overseeding and aeration as their primary method. Overseeding is a process that spreads grass seed over the lawn. Aeration is a process in which the lawn is opened up at intervals creating a small 1 1/2 inch deep groove to allow better penetration of air, water, and nutrients. Both overseeding and aeration produce deeper root growth and healthy germination rates, creating a thicker ground cover for your lawn.

Lawn care professionals recommend aerating the lawn and then overseeding. There are many different types of machines and tools that you can use, but some can prove a little tricky for the average gardener.

Aeration Techniques

Some tools for aeration require more hands-on effort and, if not performed properly, can result in a more damaged lawn. Professional lawn service providers have more sophisticated tools that prevent any mishaps with lawn aeration. They also know how to handle the ground if it is dry, which can add more difficulty.

Overseeding Techniques

Traditional overseeding methods consist of physically walking the lawn and laying down seed and minimalistic designed spreaders that can be wheeled across the lawn. Both techniques involve a lot of time, patience and endurance. More modern machines are self-propelled or can be towed behind a riding mower, such as the equipment used by professionals.

Trust Your Lawn Care to the Pros

The experts at Superior Service Pros are fully equipped with the skills and tools to properly aerate and overseed your lawn. We’ll save you from the back-breaking work and will make sure the task is completed right the first time. We can offer faster and more cost-effective solutions for your overseeding and aeration needs.

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