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When Should You Hire a Lawn Maintenance Company in Irving, TX?

Lawn chores can be tasking and demanding. From mowing, weeding, seeding and keeping your grass healthy, these chores may take up a good portion of your free time. So when should you call a lawn maintenance company in Irving, TX?

Seeding the Lawn

Seeding is an important task that should be done frequently from March through September. This helps to ensure that the lawn is in its tip top condition all year round. A lot of variables need to be considered if this task is to be done right. If you fail to get it right, you may end up feeling frustrated when the grass doesn’t grow as it should.

Seeding the lawn is one of the tasks that ought to be done by a professional. This is particularly true when you are not sure what mix is right for the type of grass you want to seed. A professional has in depth knowledge of different types of grass and how each type ought to be seeded for optimal results. Additionally, a professional will factor in the local climate and determine how the grass adopts to its specific climatic conditions.Lawn Maintenance Company Irving, TX

Leaf Raking

It is important to rake leaves in fall. Letting the leaves sit on the grass for long, can encourage the spread of disease which will eventually take a toll on your grass. However, leaf removal is another demanding lawn chore that is bound to take a good part of your free time and leave you exhausted.

For leaf removal, it is best to contact a lawn maintenance company in Irving, TX. A professional company has the expertise and equipment to get rid of leaves from your lawn quickly and efficiently. Nowadays, these companies have powerful vacuuming equipment that they can use to effectively remove all the leaves from the grass.

Pay Attention to the Shrubs

The shrubs in your garden also need to be attended to from time to time. Some shrubs may need to be watered during fall, and protected during winter if they are to make it through the seasons.

To maintain your shrubs, you may need to call a lawn maintenance company in Irving, TX. A professional from the company may do a thorough analysis of what the shrubs on your property need to remain healthy.

Advanced Techniques

It is only a professional who will fully appreciate the value of advanced tree and shrub care techniques such as targeted tree injection. This is a precision technique that is used to get rid of pesticides and address problems such as nutritional deficiencies in trees and shrubs. The precision mechanisms applied are advantageous in that they prevent pesticides from drifting away and thereby causing pollution on a larger scale. These advanced techniques require the advanced knowledge of an expert to be applied effectively.

The benefits of hiring a qualified professional, far exceeds the cost. Your lawn care can be fun, but it demands your attention all year round. By hiring a company like Superior Service Pros to do this work for you, you’ll be saving time, while ensuring your lawn remains beautifully maintained.

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