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Landscape Planting Service in Irving, TX 

Why Choose Superior Service Pros for Landscape Planting?

Different plants thrive in different climates. The professionals at Superior Service Pros have the experience to know which plants will survive in Irving, TX. There are many factors involved in selecting the right plants for your yard, including weather, soil, sun and shade.

Benefit of Planting Knowledge

Knowledgeable landscapers can determine which growing conditions will be ideal for certain plants. With that knowledge, your plants will:

  • Establish healthy root systems.
  • Grow at a steady rate.
  • Withstand environmental factors and pests.
  • Build a better immune system to fight infections.

Smart planting means investing the proper time to ensure your plants will continue to grow for many seasons, saving you money in the long run.


Not sure if your plants will survive the cold winters or hot summers in Irving, TX? Count on Superior Service Pros to help you design the best landscape planting design for your area. Just because you find a pretty flower or tree while on vacation or visiting the botanical gardens doesn’t mean you should have it in your yard.

Availability of Light

Something not everyone knows is that not all plants need the same amount of light in order to survive. Some plants prefer more shade. With residential landscapes, you might have parts of your lawn that always have light or shade, and that could also depend on the time of day. Knowing how much light your plants will need will help determine which ones you should have in your garden.


Due to the extreme Texas weather, the soil in the Irving area may not be the best for all types of plants. Just like light, different plants adapt better to certain soil types. Unlike light, you can change the soil in your yard with use of additives like compost, or by adding raised flower beds to allow proper drainage.

Size, Color and Texture

Once you’ve determined which types of plants will thrive in your landscape, it’s time to decide on which ones to plant. Maybe you want taller plants for privacy or you would like to match the colors to the exterior of your home. No matter what your reasons for planting, Superior Service Pros will help you find the ideal plants for your yard and will professionally install them.

Ready to have your yard be the envy of the block? Contact us today to get started!

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