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Why Choose Superior Service Pros’ Mulch Services?

Mulching is highly recommended by gardeners for maintaining plant health. It protects the soil’s surface and improves the soil underneath. Mulching is actually inspired by Mother Nature’s neat tricks. In the wild, mulch is actually produced on a massive scale in the form of fallen twigs, leaves, bark fragments, wilted flower heads, fruit, and various organic matter accumulated on the ground.

Why You Need Mulch in Your Texas Garden

Whether you choose organic or inorganic mulches, either of the two will dramatically improve your garden. For organic mulch, you have the option of wood chips, bark, pine needles, grass trimmings, or even leaves. You will have to replace them after many years since they will slowly and gradually decompose. Inorganic mulch, on the other hand, will not decompose as no pests will be attracted to pebbles, landscape fabric, black plastic, or gravel.

Mulching truly is a necessity in your Texas garden. Therefore, along with this need for mulching comes the corresponding need for a mulch cleanup service in Irving, TX. Here are some specific reasons to convince you of the necessity for mulch in your garden.

Since Texas can have severe dry spells, mulches will help your garden survive the heat by obstructing evaporation and thus preventing water loss. Furthermore, they also promote root growth in plants.

  • Mulch can eradicate existing weeds and stop their germination. When properly applied, they can keep your garden weed-free, beautiful, and healthy. If you’re tired of regularly pulling out weeds, mulching will dramatically minimize this exhausting routine.
  • Mulch helps maintain soil temperature stability, effectively keeping it cool in summertime and warm in winter time.
  • When it rains or when you water your garden, sometimes you may unintentionally erode a landscape or unknowingly splash soil-borne pathogens onto your otherwise healthy plants. Mulching prevents these unwanted erosion and splashing, and keeps unhealthy soil compaction at bay.
  • By choosing organic mulch, your soil condition is dramatically improved since decayed mulch becomes food for the topsoil.

Why You Need a Mulch Cleanup Service in Irving, TX

When autumn comes, fallen leaves on the mulch have the potential of smothering new plant growth as well as attracting fungi and pests. However, cleaning them up without disturbing the mulch and the plants can be tricky. Here’s what to expect if you intend to do it yourself.

  • You may try using a thin leaf rake (which is easier to maneuver) in carefully loosening up the leaf pile.
  • A leaf blower might also come in handy, though it seldom works as planned, especially if your mulch is made up of bark chips that can be very lightweight. Afterwards, position the chips back to its arrangement, adding more when needed.
  • You will have to meticulously pick up the fallen leaves by hand to prevent plant damage and mulch disturbance.

While mulching keeps your garden healthy and weed-free, its maintenance can prove to be a tedious and stressful task. But worry not. The simple solution is hiring a mulch  installation and cleanup service in Irving, TX. Superior Service Pros provides professional mulch installation, cleanup and refurbishing for a beautiful landscape all year round.

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