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Basic knowledge about plants makes a huge difference not only in the aesthetic aspect but also, more importantly, in the overall health of your garden. Owning a garden in Irving is quite a delightful experience. Since it belongs to the humid subtropical region of Texas, your favorite flowers are virtually a lot safer when winter time comes. Snowfall is dramatically less in comparison to the rest of the United States. Here are some tips on flower bed care in Irving, TX to keep your garden blooming with health all year round.

Always consider going back to the basics. Your garden should always be adequately supplied with the essential needs of plants, which include rich and fertile soil, sunlight, and water. Otherwise, your green friends might not live to see the next season. Also, make sure to prioritize water supply for your flower bed care in Irving, TX. In this particular area of Texas, there is generally more dry spells. Thus, frequent watering is imperative for your flower garden to thrive and flourish.

If bulbs are to be planted, be extra careful in ensuring just the right depth. In the case of shrubs and perennials, never mound too much soil or mulch near the stem. Otherwise, water won’t sink in or get absorbed. Instead, it is drained off. Over time, the plant gets overheated and the stem may start rotting.

Enjoy constant blooms by mixing and matching perennials and annuals. Growing and blooming for many years, perennial flowers do not require replanting. Annuals, however, thrive for a single season only.

Boost blossoming by deadheading. To deadhead, just snip off the wilted flower heads. This method promotes flowering. As an important side note, dispose of deadheads responsibly and never leave them on the flower bed. They will attract mildew or various plant diseases and infect your otherwise healthy plants.

Learn how to differentiate between helpful bugs and harmful ones. Agents of much-needed pollination include bees, beetles, and butterflies. Dung beetles and sow bugs are crucial in decomposing dead plant matter. Along with bacteria, fungi, and other decomposers, these little critters help enrich your garden soil by providing nutrition for plant growth. Leave dragonflies and lacewings alone as they prey on tiny insects harmful to your plants, such as aphids. Around 80% of the plants in your flower bed depend on these insects in order to survive.

One way for your flowering plants to constantly bloom is by occasionally applying liquid fertilizer. Another is by immediately pruning damaged or dead branches. For instance, fuchsias are quite frail, brittle, and thus very snap-prone. They will snap easily even after accidently brushing against them slightly. But worry not. You can plant these branches since fuchsias are propagated by cutting.

Regularly weeding your flower beds maintains their cleanliness and freedom from unwanted plant growth. Professionals in flower bed care in Irving, TX recommend for your garden to be weeded every two or three weeks.

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