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Lawn Irrigation Annual Maintenance Service in Irving, TX 

Superior Service Pros Offers Dependable Annual Maintenance for Your Irrigation Systems

Whether you use a sprinkler or a drip irrigation system, a proper annual maintenance of the system is imperative. A well-maintained irrigation system will keep your landscape attractive and healthy, water utilization low, and your costs down. You will have complete peace of mind that all trees, plants, and grass in your lawn will get the adequate water they need to make the right impression. 

Superior Service Pros is known for offering excellent annual maintenance services for different types of irrigation systems. Our irrigation experts are highly-trained and have decades of experience to handle all types of maintenance work. We will inspect pipes for leaks and breaks, rain sensors, and rotors to ensure proper rotation and oscillation. It is important the nozzles should work properly and cover the required areas. Our irrigation experts will adjust and straighten the heads for sufficient coverage. The other maintenance jobs, like cleaning the master filter and testing and programming controllers, will also be taken care of by us.

There are many things in your yard that can disturb and damage your irrigation system. For example, mowing, trimming trees, shrubs, car traffic, collection of debris, and electrical outages can be the reasons for causing disturbance and damage to your irrigation system. Our annual maintenance program is like a preventive treatment for your sprinkler or drip irrigation system. Annual maintenance on your irrigation system will leave your lawn and plants lush, green and healthy.  

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