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The Best Practices for Hedge Trimming

A busty hedge eats into your space. It is like a creature increasing in size in a fixed area space. The result is less amusing. On the other hand, a thinned-out hedge renders the opposite effect. It feels like something vital has been chipped away from your customary view. Space defines our environment and most people prefer to maintain their spaces by maintaining the shape and size of the elements. Hedge trimming service in Irving, TX is one of the most things you need to spruce up your outdoor appearance. A professionally trimmed hedge is easy to spot. A wrongly trimmed hedge can spur architectural contradictions and disharmony. But what are the best practices for hedge trimming?

We look at some of the practices recommended by hedge trimming experts that you can adopt for your hedge, not only to ensure its good health, but also to guarantee a lovely and appealing look. No one wants pockmarks or dig-ins for their hedge, do they?Hedge Trimming Service in Irving, TX


It is important to have the right tools for the job. The hedge trimmer for instance is terrific. It is easy to operate and maintain and comes in two varieties: the electric and the petrol-fuelled. The choice is yours. For those who want to go manual, you have the choice of shearers. Good sized shearers, handled expertly, will give you amazing results with your hedge.

When it comes to tools, the choice is personal. Time available and the quantity of work required are factors you might also want to put into consideration. Different tools might be required for medium hedges, tall hedges and for topiary. Extraordinary wide hedges will definitely call for a long reach hedge trimmer. Find out your type of hedge and the right tool for it.

Use Measurements to Ensure Accuracy

Taking measurements of your hedge before trimming allows you to achieve uniformity and prevents you from taking profound shaves where you are supposed to take superficial shaves, especially when working with power instruments like the hedge trimmer. While a few may trust the judgment of their eyes, expert hedge trimmers advise that using measuring instruments like bamboo sticks and strings will guarantee you desirable results. It prevents you from going out of line.

Template Creation

Templates are created at specific intervals and they act like prototypes for directing the trimming. In cases where templates are employed, the work is much easier and faster as the road map is already laid down and all that one needs to do is to try to replicate and fit into the already established pattern. The hedge trimmer or shearers are moved along the template lines.

Bottom-Up Approach

Many hedge trimming experts and arborists favor the method of pruning the hedge from the bottom before slowly working your way up the hedge. They also advocate for utilization of the lower section of the shearers. The tip of the shearer is responsible for dig-ins and pockmarks on the hedge, but using the bottom-up approach, it can minimize such mishaps.

Make sure you get a professional hedge trimming service in Irving, TX, like Superior Service Pros. Their hedge trimming experts are waiting for your call.

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